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Jeremiah James Korfe – A Journey Back to Light


The ‘real’ reality of falling in love on reality TV, is that sometimes love isn’t enough. Despite best efforts,
there are times when responsibilities, goals, living locations, and yes, even unwillingness to compromise, get in the way of living happily ever after.

These challenges are not exclusive to reality TV. It happens to people all over the world, every single day. 
It happens to people in the privacy of their lives and it’s shared within their intimate circles of support. 
One bitter cold Minnesota day the end of November, Jeremiah James Korfe and Paige Duke made a difficult decision to privately end their very public relationship. And so begins the task for Jeremiah of how to live this new and unwelcome life. 

Change is inevitable and it comes without invitation. It’s how we embrace that change that shows the true integrity of our character.
How do we find a way to break through the vast landscape of heartache and start living again? 
The lessons we learn along the way will eventually make us stronger. When faced with the darkest of nights, even during the brightest of days it was difficult for Jeremiah to see the light. 
For a writer of beautiful songs and melodies, the words and notes were locked deep inside. The steel walls that were erected to protect a healing heart had also blocked the ebb and flow of creativity that was dying to be set free.
Surrounded by friends with a shared passion for writing music, a phrase or thought would come to Jeremiah’s mind. Helping other people write, was a safe place for him to start over, taking it one small step at a time.
One unexpected moment, while alone with a trusted friend, the floodgates opened. An outpouring of each carefully guarded feeling and emotion flowed from Jeremiah, until there was nothing left but complete emptiness.
The dawn of a new day begins and the lesson is a simple one; it isn’t until we are completely empty of ourselves, that we can be filled with light.
True happiness cannot come from others, it must come from within.

A glimmer of hope starts to shine in the pictures of sunsets. and with each sunrise, comes a new beginning.
During the everyday tasks of living, a melody or rhythm alights in Jeremiah’s mind. On the bike riding, in the field planting, or at the house working, a thought or story line takes root. 
Time soothes like a balm and life goes on. The daily routine brings a healing of sorts and a new journey is on the horizon. 
Let the journey begin…
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