The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette Emily Maynard Episode 9

Life is a Fantasy…how suite!

Fantasy Island. The plane, the plane!

Emily is looking at love 
in a more realistic way.

Her destiny is written in the sand.

Her biggest fear is sending 
the wrong guy home.
I think she did.

Will the Perfect Man Become the Perfect Husband and Father?

Watch out for the 
prickly cactus. 

 JP and Ashley music lures us
into the love triangle.

So does the date on a private island.

Emily’s not interested in
being Sean’s buddy. 
 Sean: Ummmm….I forgot what 
I was going to say???

Emily: Can you say awkward?
Water play to the rescue!

Touch the face, Sean. 

Afternoon delight.

Words from the heart
Written in female penmanship.

Hip hip horray! L-bombs away!

And the walls come 
crumbling down.

 Which earns the ever popular 
fantasy suite card.

We’re staying on the main level, dear. 

Every fiber in my whole entire
body is saying stay the night.

Every fiber in my head is saying
 don’t do it. Call it a night.

Come Sail Away With Me

The Love Boat
Soon will be taking 
another run.

JP and Ashley move. The smush.

If this works out, after
we could go meet my parents.

I feel like Jef gets me
in a way that nobody 
else does.

The return of the leg wrap.

The sun is setting but our 
whole life is just starting.
What is an amazing girl like you doing with 25 guys?

I can see you with me
when I make Ricki’s
lunch in the mornings.

I would like nothing better than to unbridle these 
passions with you in the fantasy suite.

Let’s totally hang like monkeys in a treehouse.

                            Will you be my bridle?

Who’s That Catamaran?

I just love kissing Arie. 

Because its that good.

There’s such a chemistry between us it’s hard to even talk.

 All we want to do is kiss…and
kiss…and kiss.

Oh oh. Trouble in paradise look over dinner.
A kiss will make it better.

Well…maybe not.

No fantasy suite for Arie. 
At least not that we will get to see. 

So they’ll show us more kissing 
outside the fantasy suite.

To make us think the date stops there.

Every rose has it’s thorn…

Tough decisions. 
Who should I let go to be the next Bachelor?

The many faces of worry.

Jef is on first.

Arie is on second.

Sean struck out.

Say your final goodbye’s.

I’m sorry. The producers had other plans for you, Sean.

Doh! I don’t know if I can heal my
broken heart in just 3 months!