The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette Emily Maynard Episode 7

Things Get Real in Prague

The statues welcome Chris and the crew to Prague.

Arie, can you scratch my back?

I bet that’s our Penthouse on the top floor.

The view looks amazing from here.

First Up is Arie

I like to kiss Arie. Alot. But today I have 
more than kissing on the brain.

In the interest of full disclosure, we’re going to 
create drama for the sake of the show.

I am not happy I had to keep my
mouth shut about this until now.

This isn’t like a production
thing, it’s like a real life thing.

On With the Games…

Yours is softer.

Loyal to a fault.
Who is being dishonest? Who is keeping secrets?
Unfortunately the camera men, who we have no control over, took a much needed nap during the most important conversation of the show. But trust me. It’s all good. 

Talk to the cheek, Arie. 
Talk to the cheek.

Okay, fine. I’ll look at you.

I’m glad we’re able
to talk about
stuff, Arie.

Speaking of talking Emily, I’ve waited to tell you all day that I love you.

 Spotlight on the couple, check. Camera crew on the right, check. 
Production crew down below, check. Let the fireworks begin.

Response of a Girl in Love?

I just have so many things going through my head,
that I don’t know where to focus my thoughts.

It makes me that much more excited and believe in all this. 
Now if only I could get my face to match my words.
John Breathes a Sigh of Relief
Yes! Episode 7 and I finally get my first 1:1!
I really need to open up to Emily today.

The architecture here is insane. 
Think about how old this stuff is.

To be writing on the Lennon Wall in Prague is amazing. And I’m really opening up about this.

The love boat, soon will be taking another run.
The love boat, promises something for everyone.

The lock represents eternal love.
We can’t seem to get ours to work.

 Over the moon for Emily.

John is confident he’s getting a hometown date.
Chris is confident he’s going to explode.

Sean Makes His Move

Sneaking out the back door…

for an evening jog around Prague.
Hollering Em-i-ly, Em-i-ly!!!

Suddenly, she appears in a deserted, well-lit alley.

Emily: Are you going to be in trouble?
Sean: I’m pretty sure the film crew that led me to you is in on this.

Sean: What are you doing walking around by yourself?
Emily: I’m pretty sure the producers that led me here never left my side.

I could lay my head on your pillow the rest of the night.

The wall round two. 

The Last Dreaded Group Date

And the winners are Sean, Doug and wait for it…….Chris.

All aboard…

for the horse and pony show.

I want to get to know you really, really, well. Just don’t touch my leg again. 
Doug, these are not the, “Hey big dummy, give me a kiss” eyes. 

My girl radar is totally broken and I
just made a fool out of myself.

The Cool, the Calm and the Crazy

 Who holds the key to my heart tonight?

 Now THIS is a mankey.

Now THIS is a man.

Chris calls Emily on the carpet for not giving him a 1:1 date this week.

Note to Chris: Emily responds to being backed up against a wall, not into a corner.

No sympathy rose for Chris tonight.  
He’ll have to wait to get that at the rose ceremony.

I am pissed off. It’s freakin crazy that she’s ready to meet Sean’s family and not mine.

Last But Not Least…

Jef is stoked to get the final 1:1 before hometown dates.

Emily thinks Jef is ready to be a
father because he’s just a big kid himself. 

The happy family Marionette is complete.

The puppets share their first kiss.

The couple shares their third.

I can’t think of a cooler thing to do than to have you meet my family. Minus my parents.

I can see a life with this girl.

I can lay on the floor with you
and still be really happy.

I want kids yesterday. Let’s get started.

 Who Will Take Emily Home?

 The men arrive in movie scene style.
 In the same fashion they await their fate.
An Easy Decision
 Do I have to choose four? How about three?

My mind is made up. No rose ceremony necessary.

It’s All About Chris

Chris regrets loosing his cool.

He is a nervous wreck and needs a chill pill. No prob, Dude. Jef’s got you covered.

 He’ll do anything to have a chance to talk to Emily. Including…

Interrupting the Rose Ceremony

Let me just wait a few more seconds. Sorry guys, timing is everything.

Emily, can we talk? I have my big boy boxers on now. 

Who’s got an extra strength Excedrin?

Is there a barf bag around? I’m about to spill my guts.

After my hissy fit this week, I swear I’m ready to be the 
man and father you and Ricki deserve.

Sympathy rose #2, coming right up.

A Face Speaks a Thousand Words

This guy seriously needs to grow a pair.

What’s Your Beverage of Choice? Chris Prefers Whine.

Emily prefers kool-aid.

John refuses a drink from the same cup.

How do you spell relief? 

Meet the Families!