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Natalie Getz Talks Fashion, Friends and The Bachelorette

Natalie Getz started out her TV career when she first appeared on Season 13 of The Bachelor with Jason Mesnick. She then teamed up with David Good to win the first season of Bachelor Pad. That win propelled her to celebrity status.

Despite the fact that Natalie was a tomboy and into sports, she told her mother in the 2nd grade she wanted to be in fashion and work with clothes when she got older. She stayed true to her word.

Natalie went to school for Arts and Entertainment Media Management, with a focus on fashion show production, styling and journalism. She has her fingers in many pots and has used her celebrity status to help men and women find their fashion and beauty edge.

Besides the fashion and episode blog she does for The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad and, Getz gives members fashion advice on She teaches people how to dress fashion forward to attract a man or woman that fits their personality type. In addition, she provides affordable websites and stores for those who need to keep cost at a minimum.

Gossip with Getz is a Vlog that Natalie does after each episode of The Bachelorette  show. She planned on having three different guests each week, but she and Jackie Gordon vibe off each other so well, Jackie has become a regular co-host. Other guests have included Constantine Tzortzis, David Good, Ashley Spivey, Jenna Burke, Valisha Savage and Craig Robinson.
Natalie was on previous seasons of The Beatdown with Jesse Csincsak, but when the tone turned negative towards contestants from previous seasons, she decided she no longer wanted to be associated with it. When approached with the idea of doing her own Vlog, she wanted to make it more funny and light-hearted.
For now, Natalie considers her regular job to be a PR and sales rep for a skin care line called Adonia Organics. The Greek-inspired beauty treatment line is offered in Dr. offices and medical supply stores. It’s the perfect job for Natalie because she is able to work around her writing.

Natalie does some freelance styling for clients on the side, but her passion would be to land one Hollywood movie at a time, read the script and style the characters for how the audience should portray them.

All About Natalie

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

I would say definitely over 100. But, I can say I’ve never bought a pair of expensive shoes like Louboutins. I think it’s a waste of money and it’s too mainstream. Jessica Simpson is one of my favorite shoe designers.

What is your favorite date to go on?

My boyfriend and I do this every weekend. We pull out our bikes and cruise down the beach. We might grab a glass of wine, stop off and play some volleyball or lay out. It’s just so relaxing to have a little picnic on the beach, just anything outdoors and simple.

Can you share something about yourself that would surprise people?

I don’t have my ears pierced and I’m the most family oriented person that I know. I go see my family one week out of every month. Once I get married I want 5 or 6 kids.

Who is your favorite designer?

I’d have to go with my favorite chain stores, it’s a cross between American Apparel and Urban Outfitters.

What movie would you watch over and over?

Step Brothers.When Holly and I lived together we didn’t have cable. We had Step Brothers on 24/7 at our apartment and we would sit there and watch it and it never got old.

How did you feel the first time you saw yourself on TV?

Embarrassed.  It’s kind of like listening to your own voicemail and you’re like yuck, I hate the sound of my own voice. Why do I have such wierd nervous habits that I never knew about until I watched myself on TV? Why do I play with my hair so much?

What shows do you TIVO?

That’s another weird thing people wouldn’t know about me. I don’t have TIVO, cable or a DVD player.

Who do you hang out with from Bachelor Nation?

I try to distance myself from it because it’s always drama left and right, but the people I will always be friends with are Deanna Pappas, Holly Durst, Jillian Harris, Molly Mesnick, and Peyton Wright. I also like to hang out with Michael Stagliano, Robby D., Jesse Kovacs, Andrew West, David Good and Jason Mesnick.

Who has the best sense of style of the men and women from the show?

Of the men, Chris Harrison and Brad Womack have the best style. I think a man should dress basic and manly, yet have a good fit.

Jillian Harris has a funky, edgy style that I love, with Emily Maynard coming in as a close second.

Who has the worst sense of style of the men and women from the show?

 Jake Pavelka’s style on Bachelor Pad I could not stand. He wore that puffy, nerdy, Blair and just looked like he was the kid that got beat up all the time.

Some of these girls I cannot believe go on national television in such horrible dresses. Erika from Ben’s season had horrible style. She would be the worst.

Natalie shares her perspective on Emily Maynard and 
The Bachelorette


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Can you share a story about Emily?

There was a night that a bunch of us girls went out to dinner in Brentwood, CA. Emily is just a quiet, kind and humble person. There was this guy that had a big crush on her and wanted to meet her, but she wanted to meet him in a group setting. So he met up with us and I could tell instantly that she just wasn’t feeling it. But she was so good about being nice, hiding it and being cordial and just really, really kind to him.

How do you think Emily is doing as The Bachelorette?

I was worried that she’d be kind of boring, just because she is a single mom and she is reserved, but I like that she has a backbone with these guys. I like that she puts her foot down a lot. I like that she’s had some make-out sessions with a couple guys and she’s not trying to hold back.

How do you see this season being different than other seasons?

The fact that it’s centered around her and her daughter is cool. She said if she’s going to be the bachelorette, they’re going to film it in her hometown and her daughter is going to travel with her. We are watching a guy fall in love with a family instead of just your standard bachelor or bachelorette.

Please use one word to describe each bachelor from this season:

Allessandro – creepy
Travis – Shelly
Chris – cute
Kalon – loser
Ryan – a-hole
Michael – lost
Sean – humble
Doug – emotional
Jef – hip
Arie – gorgeous
Who was the winner in the argument between Chris and Doug?

Chris for sure. In the beginning, Doug was one of my favorites, but you have to be able to kick it with the guys. He was so emotional and freaked out about everything. I think Chris was being very smart and mature about confronting Doug.

For a long time Jef appeared that he wasn’t very interested in Emily. Why do you think that is?

I think he is really shy. He’s that nerdy cool guy who looks at Emily and thinks she’s the kind of girl that would never ever go for him. You could tell he wanted to kiss her but he wasn’t secure enough. I think he was in so much awe of her he didn’t know what to do.

How much of Ryan’s edit did you think was producer driven and how much do you think was really him?

He actually had conversations with Emily and had the nerve to say that there’s little girls watching her and she has to be a role model and that she’s disrespecting herself and she needs to behave. That’s not editing. The only thing I have seen that is editing is when he says he wants to be the next Bachelor. The producers probably asked him how he would feel about being the next Bachelor and if he thought people would like for him to find love.

What were Natalie’s favorite and least favorite dates of the season and who does she see is the best fit for Emily?

 Look for Part 2 of my interview with Natalie Getz next week for the answers to these questions and more!