The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette Emily Maynard Episode 6

The Guys Arrive in Croatia

Emily Delivers the First Date Card to Travis

Is it really for me?

I always thought my first date with Emily would be a 2:1 with Shelly. I’m not sure I can pull this off without her.

I can’t wait for this season to be over…I mean,
I’m so excited to finally be able to spend the day with you, Travis.

Legend has it if you can stay on the rock and take off your shirt, you’ll be lucky at love.

I’m really bummed Travis didn’t take off his shirt.
Shirt on = unlucky at love.

How do I let him off the ledge easily?

Every guy’s worst nightmare:
“I feel like we have that friendship foundation that is so important to me.”

I can totally tell this is your first date in two years!

You take the umbrella. I’ve got a car waiting.

Chuck the umbrella, I’ll do my crying in the rain.

The Group Date Calls for Bravehearts

They don’t make popcorn like this in the States.

Competing for the Bravecup

The difference between a kilt and a skirt? Nothing.

Are there white tights to go with that?

Wearing a skirt on this date is on of those brave things I’m going to have to do.

Dressed to the kilt…or is it the hilt?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the bravest man of all?

Jef is hoping to pierce Emily’s heart.

Arie is aiming for love.

Sean shoots for the straight and narrow.

Chris entertains them all with his pose.

Doug flips his log.

Elan, Chris and Peter are shocked when they see Sean’s biceps.

 Sean is determined to succeed…or break the log trying.

 Peter and Cassie pick up the broken pieces.

 Arie and Chris enjoying the Jef show.

Will you stop chattering your teeth in my ear, Dude?

Made leash, made leash , made leash.

 Emily teaches the guys how to sit properly.
No way is she giving Chris the Bravecup. 
Foiled again!

Connecting at the After Party

Emily had fun watching Sean compete. So did we.

Stealing Emily away for a walk 
and a kiss or two…
 or three or four.

I’m  scared to death to kiss you.

You give me the type of feeling that people write novels about.

I’m freakin crazy about you.

What does a guy have to do to get a rose?

Lose every challenge in the competition. 
Ryan’s Gets the First 2nd 1:1
Choosing Emily’s favorite color for good luck.
Arriving to take Ryan on an oyster hunt.

More Hoodie Shots

Bonding over Ryan’s pearls of wisdom…

and his plucked finger hairs.
The hills are alive, with the sound of Ryan.

Was it something I said, Emily?
 Looking for oysters, or a place to lose them?
 Don’t you ever call someone a trophy wife again!
 A list of attributes for a wife. Emily looks impressed.
 Emily is unsure of her decision.

Ryan does not like to lose.

Three strikes you’re out. Bub-bye Ryan.

A Surprise Visit

Keep me on my toes. I can take it.

It’s our secret. Next week is going to be fun.

My heart is so happy right now.

I’m so glad I met you.

Rose Ceremony Surprises

John loves rose ceremonies.

Struggling and walking out.

Chris and Cassie meeting in the alley.

I have no clue what just happened.

Surprise! Roses for all and on to Prague.