The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette Emily Maynard Episode 3.

Climbing, Parking and Parton Ways

Chris had to earn his dinner. Did he climb to the top of Emily’s list?

The guys have to earn the respect of Emily’s friends.
Who “played” the role of dad best?

Arie and Emily experience the roller coaster ride of their lives. Did Arie turn her world upside down?
The guys anxiously await the first date card

Have Harness Will Climb

Emily is excited for her date with Chris because he is soooooo cute, sweet…and very mature. Remember you said that, Emily. 

Dinner in Charlotte with the best view and absolutely no elevators, honey. 

Slowly climbing a building is definitely like finding love. Wait, did I just see a skateboard and race car pass by?

Chris is eager to play her knight in shining harness.

 Yep, a great high-five is every woman’s dream.

Emily delivers the second “cute” of the night. Do I hear a third?

She is shocked when he reveals his age of 25. But remember Em, he is a very mature 25.

Note to Chris, a girl does not want you to ask permission to kiss her. Put your big boy Nike’s on and Just Do It!

Playing at the Park

 Gentlemen, let the games begin.
The judge and jury awaits.

 Grilling in the park. Which guys are rare, well done and burnt?

Swinging with Stevie
Honey I Shrunk the Kids
Tony Eating Grass

Couch Potato

Daddy Daycare

 Put your money where your mouth is.

Uncle Sean is ready to play.
 Will Jeff be the one to “catch” Emily’s heart?

Mr. Perfect gives the Perfect example of what
 not to tell a woman you are wooing.
Group Date Cocktail Party Puts Emily Through the Mill

Emily and the Twinsies

Purple Shirt Bromance?

Let the Crying Begin 

Tony reveals a troubled present

Let the Sighing Begin 

Jef has a major crush on Emily and loves hanging out with her. They’ve hung out? Really? Best kept secret.

Emily “picks” Sean, who is selectively waiting for the “best”.

 Street Walking With Arie

Mutual adoration

Stuffed Animal for Ricki…check.
Street dancing shoes on…check.

Blue grass music by men in blue…check.

Something tells me the wild ride isn’t the only thing giving Emily a tickle belly.

A Dolly and a Dance 

Romantically writing a love song with cameras in your face.

Playing hide and seek and Emily is it…

Star gazing…

A picture speaks a thousand words.

Complete and total contentment. That’s all.

Is Laughter the Best Medicine?

An attempt to tease Arie with a BUT….

From concern to elation in the blink of an eye.

The look of a smitten kitten.

A Kiss on a Carousel

Melting women’s hearts all across America

Cocktail Party Highs and Lows

Dear Kalon, I can’t stand it when you
talk and I wish you’d please finish.

I don’t do condescending.

A lesson on how to gracefully bite your tongue.

From the Swing of No Compromise…

To the Arms of Comfort…

This is the sweetest produced moment in the history of The Bachelor/ette show.

Ryan vows to bring dainty Arie down.

Sean Moves Up in the Pack

According to Sean, Ricki would be his daughter if they were to ever get married.

That is exactly what Emily needed to hear. Sean has a genuinely kind heart.

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose…

Awaiting their destiny

Bermuda bound

Hands Down Funniest Outtake So Far…

The portrayed Gypsy King reveals his last long-term relationship was with his third cousin.

I think I spotted her…

Did he just say what 
I think he said? He’s 
gotta go.

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